If you purchased an allegedly “all natural” or “organic” food product – and then discovered it wasn’t – you are not alone. So-called “All Natural/Organic” food companies earn billions of dollars every year with claims that nothing synthetic makes its way into their foods, yet we have seen countless examples of where these claims are outright lies. Our law firm is now taking big steps to stop this, and we need your help!

We are currently investigating and filing claims for our health-conscious clients against many companies that have marketed their products with false claims – and even charged higher prices for them. Largely, the violations are found in advertising for frozen goods and bakery items, but they go well beyond that. The FDA has, for your protection, set clear guidelines for “natural” and “organic” products, yet many companies simply ignore those guidelines. By contacting us right now, you can help change the way these companies do business as well as seek reimbursement for your food costs and other compensation.

Please call (510) 891-9800 to hear about how we can help protect you and other health-conscious consumers from these harmful practices.

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