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The client comments below reflect their satisfaction with our work and our commitment to seeking excellent results.

“It has been a great experience working with SCA for me. I find the team very friendly, helpful, and they know the biz up n down. If you are asking yourself what to do? Stop just call SCA!”

“I’ve received great results with SCA. They are friendly, professional, and know their Labor & Employment Law. I highly recommend SCA.”

“I utilized the services of Scott Cole & Associates (“SCA”) for a class action suit against a large financial services firm. Their business focus involves employment class action litigation with a significant expertise in the financial services industry, making them an excellent firm for my specific case. Throughout my entire interaction with the attorneys and staff at SCA I was given information in a timely manner as well as realistic expectations of the time frame and process of my case, the settlement of which exceeded my expectations and can only be considered a success. All class action suits are to some degree lengthy in nature although I was fortunate to reach a resolution quicker than is usually the case in part due to the efficiency and experience of SCA. Through the various stages of my case I was able to interact with nearly every employee of the firm via telephone and/or in person and was always impressed with the professional nature of my conversations.  I strongly recommend that any individual who is considering representation for a class action case against an employer consider Scott Cole & Associates for an initial consultation to determine if a mutual fit exists. You will likely wish to utilize their services and if so will likely be pleased with all aspects of the interaction.”

“Scott’s sharp tenacious legal savvy, and [his associate’s] determination they were able to advise me how to stand up to the other parties manipulations and prove our case…I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Scott again and his team of experts…couldn’t have done it without you!”