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Our firm holds records for the highest settlement in history for a meal break violation of its kind, the highest rest break judgment of its kind, and has obtained judgments totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for countless other legal violations.

Scott Cole & Associates represents individuals in employment and consumer class action litigation.

Since its inception in 1992, Scott Cole & Associates (“SCA”) has litigated countless matters against businesses of all types, and in nearly every industry imaginable. The members of SCA have extensive experience prosecuting class/complex actions, both in a sole counsel capacity and in leadership positions, oftentimes among many firms. The firm’s lawyers engage in California and nation-wide litigation, have published articles addressing myriad substantive issues as well as those concerning class action litigation procedures, speak regularly at professional conferences and public events, and have served as consulting class action experts. For well over two decades, the firm has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of workers and consumers, been involved in record-setting resolutions and helped achieve the correction of numerous unlawful employment and consumer fraud practices.